B2B Data that lets you win, conquer and lead!

We are a B2B sales lists provider that can get you customized sales lead lists according to your requirements. Our efforts are based on consumable, on-demand, authentic and a flawless B2B business database

Get verified B2B prospect data through various services of Datafusion

Deep B2B niche research

We are not in favour of data that doesn’t match with your requirement. We make sure you get B2B data that works.

Enriched, verified data

 You get prospect data that matters, not only the obvious, but also background data that can help you close any B2B sale.

High Conversion Rate

With B2B prospect data that matters, you can expect up to 200x sales conversion rate. We aim to make our data akin to a hen which lays golden eggs.

Why Bank On Us?

For B2B companies like yours, getting the right prospect can be extremely resource-intensive.
Here, we help you get verified B2B prospect data which can save you a ton of resources. Here are the services we provide-


Database of B2B Prospects

You not only get verified contact details of the sales prospects you are looking for but also get additional information related to these B2B prospects relevant to your niche.


Marketing intelligence

With Marketing intelligence, right from day-to-day information on your company’s markets to understanding the right marketing and development strategies, we support you with the data that thrives ahead of the competition.



In simple terms, technographics is the technological profiling of each of your target audience. This ‘gold mine’ of technographic data will help you to offer each of your sales prospects a customized solution.

Marketing Intelligence is known as the mother of businesses in this digital age. You need to be aware of the marketing condition to handle various marketing attributes such as marketing penetration, marketing positioning and much more.

How our service can be beneficial to you?

Get details of only those potential prospects that matter to you. We verify each prospect so that you can hit the ground running.

Why should you trust our services?

Your Sales throughput witnesses an unimaginable hike

You get to converse more in a shorter time

While you focus on different phone numbers to call your clients, you reach more prospects in less time. Your sales reps would help you to increase your conversation rate at a faster pace.

Effective Message

Your sales reps need not worry about email bouncing or the call not reaching the right prospect. They can focus on improving their sales strategies since we have got their back always.

Data is the blood bank of any business.

Our team can help you skyrocket your outbound sales like never before!

We believe in working as a team with you, with a vision focused on getting the  maximum effect and efficiency out of this collaboration. Contact us if you feel that we are the right match for your business.