Sales Funnel: Improve your sales strategy

Bhumika Khandelwal
August 14, 2020
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Sales in today’s market can be really hard, there’s no shortcut to it but there can be alternative ways to make your sales very productive and organized and one of the best ways to do that is SALES FUNNEL. With a proper sales funnel you can expand your sales and make progress in a systematic way. 

A sales funnel is a three staged technique which flows from top to bottom consistently. The best part is that there is absolutely no trouble when the process starts since the marketing through a sales funnel travels in a straight flow. 

Now, the three stages in a sales funnel are:- 

Top of the sales funnel (ToFu)

This is the stage where a visitor sees your website for the very first time. The goal of this particular stage is to make the visitors aware of your company’s or service’s existence. So, the keyword to focus on this part of the funnel is Brand Awareness. You could get visitors from any type of traffic sources such as an ad, blog or social media etc. Total exposure of your company is required so that the visitors could start taking interest in your services or solutions. 

Always remember that this stage is just to get engagements to your website and not to make any kind of sale in the first step itself. 

Middle of the sales funnel (MoFu) 

This is the stage where the visitors turn into leads, when they have acknowledged your company’s existence. Now, they definitely have some problems to solve or some product they need to buy and that is why they started taking interest in your company’s offerings in the first place. But  they are still deciding whether they should engage with you or not. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Focus on content creating, different ways to obtain the lead’s details through any source such as Free trials, eBooks, Emails to update regarding offers and coupons, etc. and try to persuade your leads to go ahead for the purchasing stage

Bottom of the sales funnel (BoFu)

Coming to the final stage of the funnel, this is the decision making part. The leads change into customers and make decisions whether they want to purchase your offerings or not. All the efforts you have put in the other stages is just for this one. Customers might leave the product or the service at the final purchasing site for a while. Try to remind them by sending app notifications or emails or provide some great offers to keep them connected to your offerings. 

To drive better decision making, what you will need is market intelligence as well. We at Datafusion Solutions offer you a collective and analyzed information surrounding a brand’s market.

To create a powerful sales funnel and to claim benefit from it, here are some possible ways: 

1. Know your audience 

Knowing your audience helps you to create your sales funnel according to your sales leads and once you know about the leads you are trying to sell your products or services to, it gets easier to approach them. You now know the manner in which you need to convince them to buy your offerings.

2. Create your traffic sources 

People need to know about your sales offerings in order for you to make any sell which could be done through:- 

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram, etc. 
  • Blogs, articles or Google Search. 
  • Landing pages 
  • PPC Campaigns 

To read more about traffic sources, check out this website.

3. Create an attractive Landing page 

A landing page is a great way to draw traffic towards your products or services. The landing page of your website has to be your homepage so always remember that a visitor stopping at your landing page is the part of the top of the funnel. So, keep these points in your mind:- 

  • You are not trying to make a sell. 
  • Keep it user friendly.
  • Try to gather information about the visitor.
  • Create various options for your visitors to explore about your sales offerings. 

4. Try to capture your visitor’s attention 

Now that you know about your audience and have created good ways to draw traffic at your website, now you need to create some types of content to lure people into your website. 

You could create:- 

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos 
  • Coupon wheels

5. Create an email campaign 

Sending emails to your visitors is a great and a very formal way to market your products or services. Don’t send it very frequently, one or two in a week is enough and try to make your emails interesting and attractive so your visitors would check out your offerings. Don’t make them too long and attach some pictures or infographics. Learn how to create an email campaign.

6. Don’t miss out on your previous customers 

The people who bought your products or services earlier already know you pretty well and given right choices they might consider you again so don’t let them go always keep a check on them and their needs by : 

  • Emailing them.
  • Giving them exclusive offers.
  • Greeting them nicely. 
  • Thanking them whenever they make a purchase.  


Building a sales funnel is definitely not easy but once it’s done it really is worth the hard work and a sales funnel helps you to survive in the market like no other techniques. 

Always remember to create an attractive landing page as it’s the best way to draw traffic. Giving importance to your customer is another technique to earn more revenue. Always stick with your Sales funnel and try to promote your sales as much as you can. 

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