2 Ways to Boost Sales Performance: Employee Motivation and Team Building

Aqdas Raza
August 5, 2020
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In the world of sales, competition is immense, majorly due to the competitive based structure companies keep in place to induce more sales. There are also slump days, where performance is low with a lack of employee motivation, and team building is essential. For firms, it is necessary to keep employee motivation high. It is indeed a tough field, and the incentives might not always be lucrative.

It is worrying that overall, and in general, there is a decline in employee motivation. A study reports that around 30% of employees do not feel motivated at their jobs, according to a survey in 2017. There is a steep rise in comparison to 18% who felt the same a year before. A large percentage of dissatisfaction stems from the workplace environment and a lack of appreciation from management. Companies also realize how employee performance, particularly for a collective sense of motivation, can be detrimental to the organization.

In offices that offer an incentive-based program and focus on team morale building, employee productivity is 14% high. They also see a 28% decrease in employee dissatisfaction compared to other workplaces with no such incentives in place. It no doubt leaves a mark on financial aspects as well. On average, acknowledging employee contribution translates to a 14% increase in financial results. (Source: http://www.greatify.co/media/statistics-employee-motivation/)

It is undoubtedly necessary to have a change in the system and to keep a rewards or incentive-based order in place. What more can be done on a deeper, more personal level as well as collectively? What can an employee be advised to do in case of a dip in performance?


Firstly, it is essential that an employee reflects on his/her performance and makes efforts to be better. The Hackman and Oldham Model (1980) argues that strong intrinsic motivation occurs when three psychological states are created, and these are meaningfulness in work, responsibility for outcomes of the job, and knowledge of work related tasks.

This framework is what one should aim to reach. Moreover, being cognizant of faults and seeking improvement from seniors is also a must. An important activity is ‘Issue Tree Methodology.’ This methodology is also referred to as ‘Decision Trees.’ These are a graphic method of supporting a decision-making process. Whether it be for personal improvement on the clarity of thought and decision making, or to determine target customers efficiently, it is a useful tool to help personally and professionally. 

The Problem of Sales Leads

Not generating enough sales leads can damper employee motivation severely. Working towards improving the same is crucial.

When we talk about issues that sales employees can face, the biggest perhaps is failing to generate quality leads. There is also the problem of sales prospects

The solution? We have that covered! At DataFusion Solutions, we ensure quality sales prospects and a comprehensive list of sales leads. Whatever be the requirement, we provide customized sales lead lists from a flawless B2B database. If inadequate sales leads and prospects is an area of concern, our database can be the difference when it comes to converting quality leads.

How can firms increase Employee Motivation?

From a sales perspective, the following can bring about collective improvement:

Motivate Core Performers

Incentive plans in place might be beneficial to induce competition and get further sales. However, core performers keep winning them repeatedly. They keep achieving targets, but the management tends to focus on the under-performers. This way, the star performers can remain underappreciated. It is essential to acknowledge and show appreciation for good performers as well.

Program Induced Social Pressure

Well designed programs induce an atmosphere of healthy pressure to uplift underachievers. If tested and carefully designed before implementation, firms can also create a system where the top performers help the ones who are lagging. This can uplift overall employee motivation. However, it can easily backfire if that kind of competitive atmosphere is missing.

Team Building Activities

Team Building can help boost employee morale and increase employee motivation., bringing about a positive change in productivity.

More often, it is teamwork that can be the problem. Working together has its own sets of advantages and challenges. Inculcating a newfound sense of togetherness and collaboration can bring about the right results and uplift the entire sales team’s mood. Here are a few activities for the whole group:

1. The Question Game

Sales involve the right pitch. In improving the sales pitch, the first step is to stay ahead at the “Question Game.” It is no secret that the right kind of questions to clients can ultimately lead to conversion. This activity helps foster and develop this trait, and it is also a great team-building session. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Work in groups to come up with a question on a member of the team. It can be on anything describing that individual or asking about something where that member might fit in.
  • This activity also helps with two-way communication. Asking the perfect question also takes the right level of thinking. It is an ideal way to have fun and also develop some crucial skills.

2. Team Competitions

Meeting sales targets is essential for every salesperson. It is perhaps the most important metric of their career. While competition at the individual level is already fierce and in place, it can be a refreshing change to have team-based engagements to meet targets and n provide newer perspectives. 

These competitions help increase teamwork, form better bonds with colleagues and help a group of people with diverse backgrounds, mindsets, or methodologies to work together and share inputs. Moreover, the teams can be divided to ensure that all kinds of performers work together, be it core performers and laggards or experienced and beginners.

Movies/Book Reading Sessions

The sales field is filled with inspirational movies on awe-inspiring real-life accounts or best-selling books. An excellent way to have a fruitful team morale building session is to get together and have a good time watching movies on sales or just purely motivating hits. Here’s a list of films for this perfect office movie session!


It is quintessential to keep the mood soaring high for sales employees. Whether it be an environment of cut-throat competition or one of togetherness and support so that everyone improves, the one constant has to be work fulfillment and motivation to keep going ahead. Breaking the ice with a team building session is a great fun way to do this. Working towards improving yourself is a long time commitment. The process is robust, and the path has to be filled with challenges, only then is it a journey worth taking. Firms realize the importance of job satisfaction and team cohesiveness. Regardless of the fast-changing world of sales, this remains important. 

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