Bid Goodbye to Demotivation With these Debunked Sales Prospecting Myths

April 27, 2020
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Have you ever been spooked when buyers do not want to lift your call? Or are you demotivated over dead sales calls? Or wondering whether sales prospecting has lost its sheen?

Sales prospecting is a tough business. Identifying potential customers for your products and services is a challenge. This is even more challenging when you do not know whether they like your products or not. Also, the emergence of digital marketing has led to brushing off outbound prospecting. 

Debunking myths around sales prospecting, a study from a leading think-tank brought out data to show how to gain from prospecting. 

Myth 1 – Buyers Do Not Want Sellers To Contact Them 

Many sales representatives complain that buyers do not want to contact them. Some research in the past had also suggested the same. According to one such research, 57% of the buyers come to a buying decision even before a seller calls them. But according to the RAIN study, this is not true. 

As per the study, over 80% of buyers would like to meet a sales representative. Sure, buyers do their research, but they also would like a meeting to understand more about the product early in the buying process. And here lies an opportunity for you to turn a potential customer into your customer.

The study also shows that 71% of the buyers would like to meet when they are looking for a new idea. And 62% of buyers when they are looking for a solution to drive their business. Keep these in mind during outbound prospecting.

Myth 2 – Buyers Do not Prefer Calls 

If you have fallen for this myth, then think again. The study reveals that while 49% of the buyers in the study preferred phone calls as a contact method. In reality, 70% of the buyers connected to a sales rep via a phone call. 

What more, of the 15 outreach methods measured for the study, the phone call is one of the top three ways to reach a buyer. This shows that it is worth persisting with phone calls, especially if you are selling to VP-level buyers. The insight is sure to help you in strategic prospecting.

Myth 3 – Buyers Have Little Interest In Your Capabilities 

It is a common myth that buyers do not want sales reps to pitch their capabilities. But, here is the catch. The study shows that the majority of the buyers surveyed want to hear what the sellers are offering. But they are more interested in how the offerings will benefit them. This means sellers must customize their capabilities information to match the needs of the buyers. 

Also, the study points to content as an important influencing factor. It shows that 75% of the VP and C-level buyers prefer customized content, 71% and 63% for directors and managers do so. This means strategic prospecting helps here. You can focus on sales opportunities by curating and creating customized content.

Myth 4 – Sales Wins Are Impossible At A Cold Meeting 

Sales rep often worry that cold meetings never win them sales. But, the study throws some light on how you can influence a buyer in a cold meeting. 

As per the study, regardless of what the salesperson is offering, the majority of buyers’ (96%) focus is on the value that a salesperson can deliver, and 93% of the buyers are expecting collaboration.

It is clear that if you can deliver value to the buyer, your cold meeting will turn into a sales win. But, the reality is 58% of the buyers believe that sales meetings are not bringing any value to them. With the insight, you should bring the value factor into the meetings and gain sales wins. 

Bottom Line

The insights from the study are invaluable for sellers. It debunks the many myths that sellers carry with them and gives a fresh dose of motivation to generate more sales. 

In this hyper-connected world, people make buying decisions at the click of a button. Information about products and services are in abundance. But, it doesn’t hurt a company to undertake sales prospecting that brings the essential human element to sales. As the Think-tank study shows, when done right, prospecting can gain you more sales and quality customers.

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