B2B Prospect Database

Contemporary businesses cannot make material progress without a B2B prospect database, which allows them to access and obtain crucial business and market insights. Simply put,  it’s difficult for any business to thrive without the help of B2B prospect lists.

B2B Propects Database

Why a B2B prospect database is important

Awareness-No matter what you are selling, what its cost is, or how great your B2B customer service is, if enterprises are not aware of your service or product, you will not be able to achieve fruitful sales numbers. Here lies the importance of B2B prospecting.

Precision-With B2B prospecting you will have a lead list that is precise and targeted. If you do not possess such a precise lead list, you will be wishfully sending emails to a lead on your list. There is no guarantee that the lead will open your email. Or worse that they are no longer contributing to the enterprise.

Resource Intensive-Compiling a B2B prospect database sounds simple, yet, in actual, it is time and resource intensive. Also, the prospects created are not mostly those which will ensure you meaningful sales.  It is where services of Data Fusion Services will come handy. We provide a precise B2B prospecting list specific to your niche.

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Specialized List Building Options

Opt-in Lists

B2B prospect database provides unique tele-verified opt-In lists wherein the dedicated calling division calls individual primary prospect(s) and inquire whether they are looking to receive business content from the end customer.

Prequalified Lists

B2B prospect database creates custom lists on the basis of the pre-defined filters such as industry, region, revenue, and employee size, and after that these prospects are later referred to and selected on the basis of a relevant question.

Installed Base Lists

Installed base lists are also called technology lists. B2B prospect database delivers custom prospect lists with authenticated software/solution insights for particular accounts.

Incorrect B2B prospect data=Waste of resources

B2B Data to empower your business

Availability of the right contacts-B2B prospect database assures customers a ready-for-use customized lead list of pre-selected and authenticated prospects to offer their sales force. Coupled with a list of authenticated contacts, B2B prospect database offers comprehensive contact insights to target business executives and even creates effective B2B leads.

High response rates-B2B prospect database precludes businesses from conducting the effort-intensive task of surveying primary enterprises and composing contact details of prominent industrial executives. It discovers the relevant people at the relevant enterprises, and guarantees better hit ratios compared to going through blind lists that result in low response rates.

In-depth prospect data-First and foremost, a B2B prospect database team analyzes clients’ key industry and builds a lead list of appropriate firms. After that, the team browses through industry organizations, online databases, and other enterprise list sources to build the database with applicable firms. The agents work in direct association with customers to wrap up the database of primary prospects by recognizing target business operators, to gain access to in-depth contact insights, which include contact name, enterprise name, address, title, e-mail address, and telephone number.

Advantages of B2B Prospect Database

Perfect Fit For Sale

B2B prospect database is a perfect fit for sales divisions striving to improve their B2B prospecting measures. With it, B2B sales reps could access a worldwide database of 400 million enterprise profiles and 10 million firms. Also, they could build research-based profiles of their primary clients with the help of firmographic, demographic, and technographic filters.

Effective Approach

B2B prospect database allows sales reps to view their Total Addressable Market (TAM). Sales triggers could prove to be useful in contacting prospects while they are highly likely to make a purchase. Further, it delivers B2B sales persons a more effective approach to prospect, streaming potential opportunities into the funnel and creating at-scale contact information.

Robust Medium

B2B prospect database is a robust medium to handle every data enhancement requirements for B2B prospecting measures of businesses. Driven by AI, it hunts down and aims outdated information, bridging untapped gaps in customer relationship management (CRM) records and delivering businesses with compelling and actionable insights.

Easy Marketing

At this, you may be wondering that this seems like a daunting task. If you are not looking to venture into the task of creating a B2B prospect database by your own, there are various other options. You can rope in a third-party agency to assist you achieve this, or leverage a software tool to centralize your B2B prospect database generation.

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