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Your project requirements. Goals you want to achieve and specification of the target audience Industry, Job function & titles and other data-points.

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We evaluate your requirements and goals, do a feasibility check and our expert research team get on with the job

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You have ready to use B2B data which you can transfer to sales team to start prospecting.

We provide B2B Data to empower your business

Blockbuster sales=blockbuster profits, there is  no denying in that. For organizations looking to increase their B2B sales throughput, going only the conventional way no longer works- there is cut-throat competition in all traditional marketing and sales mediums. You might not get the expected results if you do not think and do something outside the box. Here is where DataFusion comes into the picture.

We speed up the process of B2B list building by several notches, giving you a boost in your B2B business niche.

B2B Data to empower your business

Our business revolves around a sole objective-getting you relevant B2B prospects

We’re Modern Outbound Sales Experts. We’ve spent our careers filling the top of the funnel for high growth sales teams.
Now we’re leveraging that experience for our clients.

Smart data for smart businesses

Data is something we are passionate about. Hence we ensure that we deliver the right data to you at the right time, in the smartest way possible. Providing the right data to our clients is always of high priority to us. We ensure that this process takes place in a faster manner.

Focusing on what you require

Every business holds a different requirement. We focus on those needs and deliver data that matters to you. When there is a supply, there has to be a demand, and vice versa. We ensure that they are always in sync.

Affordability at its peak

We do not want to impose any extra charges on you. Hence we ensure that we provide the required data to you at an inexpensive price.

B2B prospect data-your sales prospecting ends here

sales prospecting

Your team is working towards a common goal. You have limited resources, but a lot of people to consider as potential B2B prospects. B2B sales conversions may move slowly, so slow that your goals may seem over-ambitious. 

We are here to help you achieve your goals. Instead of taking the long conventional route to achieve sales targets, we help you narrow down your potential prospects that matches with your products/services.

We are here to help you achieve your full potential. We do this in 3 ways- B2B data prospecting, marketing intelligence and technographics.

We ensure complete data view without any barriers
The customer experience would be of next level if you engage us
You would get more valuable, real-time insights
We offer our services at an affordable rate, keeping your budget in mind
We deliver what we promise. No extra charges or pretenses

This integrity and business value has led us to become one of the most sought after data providers in the world. We are always one click away from you. Chat with us, call us and let us know your requirements. We are here to help you get the best out of our data-related services.

We are always happy to meet up with our clients and discuss with them over a cup of coffee.

Our Services

Increasing market share within any competitive B2B niche is now simple with these services

B2B Prospect Database

We specialize in getting the right prospect data that matches your B2B prospect niche

Marketing Intelligence

Based on your market niche developments we ensure you get the right data that helps you reach your goal.


To refine your B2B prospects according to the right niche, we also take into consideration the technographic data of each prospect

B2B Propects Database

B2B Propects Database

Collecting the database of your B2B Prospects in this age of digitalization, is not a hard nut to crack. It can be done easily with the aid of advanced tools and technologies. Gathering the database of your B2B prospects is simpler than ever, with Data fusion by your side. We let you stand on the heights of the market with our B2B prospects database. We would not compromise on the quality of the leads.

Mike Jonson
Mike Jonson
Marketing Manager, A2Z Technocrafts India Pvt Ltd
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I used to use various scrapers to find lists of prospects for my engineering services firm. My sales team used to spend weeks cold calling people to get the right people to pitch to. With DataFusion, my sales team now gets more leads to look into than ever before. The B2B prospect database that was provided to us was a Godsend. Keep it up guys!

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence is known as the mother of businesses in this digital age. You need to be aware of the marketing condition to handle various marketing attributes such as marketing penetration, marketing positioning and much more. Marketing intelligence gets quite simple and straight-forward with the right team support. We are there to ensure that you get everything out of this sophisticated field.

Rajesh B
Rajesh B
Sales head, FJY enterprises India
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Earlier, my sales team used to pitch our product without any background knowledge or competitor analysis of our product. This generic pitching lost us some prospects due to improper pitching of product features to relevant prospects. With DataFusion’s Marketing Intelligence, we are now able to pitch the right product features to the right prospect at the right time. Thanks DataFusion for helping us give our sales volumes a fillip.
Marketing Intelligence is known as the mother of businesses in this digital age. You need to be aware of the marketing condition to handle various marketing attributes such as marketing penetration, marketing positioning and much more.


This is the latest innovation in the field of technology and marketing. This is more similar to psychographics and demographics where you build every profile on the technology you are going to use. We research everything from the technology stack your target lead is using to the remarketing strategies that are in picture. Let’s connect to explore more on this aspect!

Harish L
Harish L
Marketing Manager, BCL India
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With our complex software, it was becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to find the right prospects to pitch as we had to understand their current technology use and align our software accordingly. With the technographic profiling data for our prospects, our sales team now is more efficient in closing leads than ever.

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