5 Things You Need to Improve Efficiency of Your Sales Funnel

Bhumika Khandelwal
August 28, 2020
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Sales are getting tougher day by day and the competition is increasing too and at this point, what companies really need is a plan and one of the best ways to create a sales plan is by creating a sales funnel but nowadays creating a sales funnel is also not enough. Though some of the big companies still rely on the sales funnel, they are looking for ways to improve its efficiency day by day for better results. 

For the readers who still have no clue about the sales funnel:- A funnel is a tool which flows from top to bottom converting a visitor into a customer step by step and deals with the marketing process of the company. For further explanation, click here.

A sales funnel can be the best choice for your company, if you try to increase its efficiency in the right way. 

Here are some of the best ways to improve efficiency of your sales funnel:- 

1. Analyze your content 

What attracts the visitors most towards your website is the content you create for them and it’s necessary for the content to be optimized according to the leads you get on your website so always remember to study and examine your content. Create different kinds of subject such as:- 

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Case studies, etc. 

2. Set up help feature for customers 

You could lose your leads if your website is not very user friendly and your leads have some problems or queries they can’t deal with. This is where you need to focus on the problem and provide your leads services helping them to solve their problems and get ahead to make a purchase. 

You could provide services such as:- 

  • Help & Support
  • Live Chat 
  • Customer helpline number 
  • Call back feature 
Help features helps in building company - customer relationship which further helps in improving the efficiency of your sales funnel.

3. Track progress at each stage of your Sales funnel

Sometimes you are unable to find out where the problem lies. Where did the sales funnel go wrong? Where did I lose my lead? What did my lead dislike? These are the questions which generally occur while working according to a sales funnel. Since it’s a linear flow sometimes you just miss out on the problems and never get to find them. Tracking progress at each and every stage of your funnel can help you prevent this kind of problem. Keep check on every step made and try to figure out what went wrong so resolve it as soon as possible to get better actions from your leads. 

4. Control lead loss

One of the best ways to improve efficiency of your sales funnel is by controlling the loss of leads which occur during the process of the funnel. 

This is what you can do:-

  • Try to find out where they face trouble.
  • Create infographics type of content for their knowledge. 
  • Greet them nicely every time they visit your website or make a purchase and send them a ‘thank you’ email or special email on their birthdays or special occasions. 
  • Reward them some discount coupons. 

5. Generate more leads

The more leads you have, the more chances of purchase of your sales offerings there is. Generating more leads is considered as one of the best ways to boost efficiency of your sales funnel and lead generation also helps in regulation of the funnel and keeps the funnel always moving. 

Here are some ways to generate leads:- 

  • Be active on social media

One of the easy ways to generate leads is through social media such as using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and these platforms help you to advertise your sales offerings and to reach a lot of people. If these platforms are used in a right way, it could help you generate a lot of leads for your website. 

Be active on social media to attract more and more customers, generate more leads and increase the efficiency of your sales funnel.

Generating leads is highly important for your website and the sales funnel to be optimized, We at Datafusion Solution provides B2B prospect database which results in good benefit.

  • Post contents frequently 

Now, the key to reach your leads is by creating different types of content but another important thing is to post them frequently so the leads won’t lose interest in your company. But another important point is not to post it too frequently. 

The appropriate amount to post content in a week is 3 to 4 times so try to stick to this point to generate a good amount of leads. 

  • Create a good landing page 

A good landing page is a must for your website. The most attractive thing a visitor finds in all of your website and offerings is the landing page so try to create a type of landing page which:- 

  • Provides information about your sales offerings.
  • Describes your company pretty well.
  • Looks unique.
  • Is user friendly. 


Operating a sales funnel is not always hard. It just needs proper attention to work efficiently. Once you understand how it works completely you can easily improve its efficiency using the ways mentioned above. Try to optimize your content as per your leads and create a good landing page for better results.

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