5 Effective tips to nurture your B2B sales lead

June 23, 2020
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The sales lead these days is a well-informed person. With a simple Google search, they know everything they need to know about a product or service much well before they see or hear from a sales rep. In fact, according to CEB(a data research company), B2B sales leads are about 57% way through a purchase before they meet or hear a sales rep.

Working round the clock chasing a potential sales lead can be exhausting, and if you do not nurture it, all your hard work goes down the drain. It is common knowledge that not everyone is looking to buy your product/service at any time, but your sales lead may have a need a few months down the line. You need to build a solid B2B lead nurturing process to win over his trust and buy your product/service.

As it is said, a bird in one hand is worth two in the bush. Some sales reps get so occupied with ‘hunting’ for the right

that they forget about those that showed some interest in what was being offered to them. To ensure you do not falter during the crucial phase of B2B lead nurturing, here are some tips that you can follow to nurture a sales lead

#1 Determine who is a qualified sales lead

Based on the technicalities of your product/service, you got to work within a particular niche. B2B lead nurturing gets easy here as you can zero in on people who matter to your company within that niche. However, this does not mean that all B2B sales leads have the same business potential. You got to work together with your sales and marketing team to identify, verify and segregate your sales prospects to know who to nurture when

#2 Understanding your sales lead

You got to know every relevant detail of your sales lead-

  • What is their way of working
  • What technology they use
  • How active they are on social media and email
  • When they are planning to buy

and so on.

With cut-throat competition in every B2B niche, you cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to lead qualification. Additionally, you got to frame your sales pitch according to the B2B persona targeting of each sales prospect. This data can be the deciding factor when you approach them at the time when they are planning to make their purchase- in other words, you got to strike when the iron is hot.

#3 Understanding the position of your lead within a sales funnel

Most sales leads will not make a purchasing decision just by what they have heard or seen from your side. As mentioned earlier, they will do their own research online, find about your competitors, cross-verify your credentials with other firms in the market and then decide to make a purchase.

Your sales prospects may be in various levels of this sales funnel- you got to understand who is at which level for your B2B lead qualification. This will help you to manage what your prospect should know about your product/service at what level. In this way, you can engage with your sales leads to know more about your product/service without being pushy and desperate.

#4 Ensure your content works for you

At every stage of the sales funnel, you got to do B2B lead nurturing by giving just the right data/content to create suspense and for them to look forward to the next piece of content from you. You got to work with your marketing team to ensure the right content is delivered to your sales prospect at the right time and customized for their use case. Who knows, they might call you upfront for additional details and follow up from you!

#5 Follow up at the right time

You got to follow up at the right time based on the sales funnel concept- if someone has expressed interest, you got to contact them within 5-10 minutes, for starting a brand new sales call from scratch. On the other hand, you cannot just fully rely on your content to nurture your B2B lead, your in-person interaction should do the magic instead of your sales prospect just forgetting about your product/service after reading about it through email or other communication mediums.

Final Thoughts

You cannot just keep prospecting at all times, you got to nurture your leads using all mediums of communication to keep them interested. Use all the data and technology resources available to you for this. If done well, there is no doubt that your sales prospect will become a paying customer from whom you can then ask for references at a later stage.

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